Reunited and it feels fantastic

Greetings from collegeland! That’s right, I’m back at school for the spring semester. As I was discussing with Michael, this semester is missing something: naivete. (sorry about the lack of accent marks)

First semester of college, there was this great feeling of wow!  I’m in college now! Classes are going to be so cool! Which they were, in fact all of them were pretty fantastic. But they were also reallllly hard.

Second semester, there was still some wow! I made it through one semester! Now I’m going to try some new classes? I wonder what those will be like! To summarize, they were still really hard. Oh, and I got MS. Not relevant though.

Third semester, I managed to trick myself into being excited. Some things still felt “new,” like taking all science classes for the first time and taking cello lessons again after four years of not playing. That made me excited for the semester.

However, fourth semester has a new feeling: dread. I dread: not doing the reading and then being stressed, doing the reading and failing tests anyway, flashcards, leaving things til the last minute, days when I leave my house in the morning and don’t get home until 11, days where I don’t leave the library, days when I do leave the library when I shouldn’t (and then regret it), late nights that I can’t avoid, weeks that seem impossible, devoting too much time to my a cappella group and feeling like I don’t regret it at all….

BUT I’m still pretty happy. Why? Because my classes this semester ARE cool, even though I know that my own procrastination will make them feel significantly less cool. And, of course, I’m reunited with my awesome friends! (Thus the title of this post) Today I had a wonderful day, mainly with my friend Lisle. Lisle is the House Manager for Science Hall, and we spent the day:

a) going to the bookstore and buying all our books and then feeling really prepared

b) torturing a Subway employee (don’t ask, the story isn’t as good to tell as we thought it would be)

c) buying lots of food

d) doing “door decs” (door decorations) for her residents

e) cooking a lot of food

f) being joined by Michael, who just got in from Tokyo

g) eating a lot of food

h) seeing Kenny, who just got in from Philly

i) working on arrangements for our a cappella group

I didn’t do what I should have done, which is clean my room so I have a place to go home to (and not feel stressed and overcrowded) before classes even start. But I did a lot of things that felt fun and semi-productive. Even though I”m stressed about the semester (5.5 credits, two ADP committees, two jobs, one S&C shift, oh and my lovely a cappella group), it’s good to be back. Get at me, fourth semester. LOL @ self. #insomnia #sorryreaders #byenow

The Mother-Daughter BlogStravaganza

How to Write a Marketable BookBased on our research of actual book titles, we’ve got the formula: towering intellectual figure + everyday object.
Thoreau’s Laundry
Flaubert’s Parrot
Heidegger’s Glasses
Wittgenstein’s Poker
Beethoven’s Hair

Easy, right?  Ideally the object should be one the Intellectual Figure handles every day, to enhance intimacy and mystery (the mystery of, Why the fuck would anyone write about this?) Writing the book is not really the problem, it’s the title. So to make it easier on you, the writer-to-be, we’ve created a list:

Darwin’s Ladle
Asimov’s Spatula
Sartre’s Springform Pan
Kant’s Whisk
Nietzsche’s Coffee Mug
Picasso’s Toothbrush
Van Gogh’s Multivitamins
Monet’s Smartwool Socks
Hume’s Waxed Floss
Gaudi’s Q-tip
Beckett’s Fingernail Clippers
Freud’s iPad
Shakespeare’s Doorknob
Joan of Arc’s Digital Camera
Queen Elizabeth’s Wireless Mouse
Tolstoy’s Brita Pitcher

Historical inaccuracy?  Why not speculate on what Joan would have photographed if she could have!  A hipster self-portrait of herself being burned to death after which she tossed the camera away from the fire… Anyway, remember to add hypersexuality, insanity, and death, plus creamed herring for breakfast or whatever weird thing your Intellectual Figure tucks into his or her mouth.  We all have mouths, so we want to know this stuff.  Add odd habits, such as walking by the clocktower every day at noon, or always washing the left underarm first, or roasting roadkill  to save money.   Or building teepees out of sticks and calling them magic caves as the apocalypse arrives (apologies to Von Trier–but we would rather roll up in blankets in a closet and suck down some liquor than sit on an exposed hillside without even a sweater if the world was going to end–though the teepee was more picturesque, we grant).

Whoa–pie break.  I made a chocolate cream pie last night, in a successful effort to get my father to eat carbs.  He ate carbs!  Unalloyed culinary triumph! Now we must have some pie. Anyway, here’s the end of our first mother-daughter-blog-stravaganza, look out for more in the future!
Kathryn & Cade

Guess what you WON’T be doing tomorrow?

Reading my blog! (How sad) Or, ya know, looking anything up on Wikipedia. Or going on Reddit. Or, in case you didn’t infer, reading any other blog that works through WordPress. Why? They’re all shutting down tomorrow to protest SOPA, an “internet piracy” act that actually threatens internet freedom.



No Wikipedia? How will I find out anything?

Oh right, Yahoo! Answers will save me. JKJK.

But seriously, everyone should go find out more about SOPA (which in Spanish means soup) and decide how they feel about the issue! It will probably affect your life (at least tomorrow, when you’re like WAIT I want a list of all the top US albums for 1992 or to know where Winona Ryder was born or to find out where your favorite author lives).

So, my life will be a little empty tomorrow without this blog. Not to fear, my mom and I will work on our mother-daughter-blog-stravaganza which we hope to publish on both our blogs after the wordpress blackout.

Have a nice blog-free-info-free-reddit-free day, guys 🙂 make sure to look up SOPA on wikipedia before midnight!

PS Thanks to BFF-sky Michael for alerting me to this topic/issue!

Hey Ladiez

You may notice a new poll on the sidebar, and you may be wondering WTF. It’s okay, there’s a perfectly logical explanation. Ish.

So my friend Leada and I have been discussing bras for a really long time [thus far this doesn’t sound normal] and we were talking about how a lot of our friends seem to own a lot more bras than us. So we wondered: how many bras should a person have?

This idea lay dormant for a while, until it was dredged up again by a VICTORIAS SECRET ONLINE SALE. Was this our chance, we wondered, to increase our bra numbers to match those of our friends? Should we? Should we not?

And thus, a poll. Please vote!

Teach Me How to Taggie

teach me teach me how to taggie

No, but really, I have a serious tag problem. Let me try to explain. My problem is that most of my tags are just inside jokes with myself. To be clear, these are jokes that only exist within my own head. Actually.

I think the purpose of tags (or how I explained them to my mom) (for use on her much more functional blog which you can find here) is to sort of make “topics” (tags) that people can click on in your “tag cloud” to see more posts that deal with that subject. Such as, for normal people, “family” or “recipes” or “new york city” or “roommates.” To contrast, here’s a rundown of some of my own tags that I (and only I) have found clever:


did i mention cankles?

go watch 10 movies in some air conditioning

hilarity ensued

i don’t want to share solutions with you

jk this isn’t about hipster music

omg its so dark


you have to speak spanish in order to read this post

One thing that you might note about all these “tags” (they don’t really qualify as tags) is that I don’t use them more than once. For some of them (such as “hilarity ensued” or many more that I didn’t list) this is simply because I forget that they exist. That’s right. I forget that I created a tag that (for once) could function for many posts. WHAT. This is awful. I have dug myself into a deep pit of self-referential entirely useless tags. And now I’m writing a painfully meta blog post. Forget MS, this is like the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. #justkiddingthatwastheMS

And there’s a hashtag. Look at what my life has become. I need my mommy.


Books I’ve read lately:

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Sister by Rosamund Lupton


If you’re like me and you get extremely affected by books, don’t read all three of those at once. It’s completely terrifying.

The Handmaid’s Tale talks about falling in love really negatively (well, so does The Marriage Plot but in a less straightforward way). It’s weird because I feel like I always want to be falling in love with something, like

Developmental Biology


Green Tea

Never Let Me Go (the book more so than the movie)

Vitamin D

and it’s so nice when you get to fall in love with something permanent (or as permanent as things get). Green tea will always taste the same and Never Let Me Go will not be rewritten suddenly. Did you know that honey is the one food that (thus far) has never gone bad?

Too bad I don’t like green tea with honey, too sweet.

It’s scarier when you fall in love with things that can change quickly like science (new developments all the time and suddenly you don’t understand anymore) or people (pretty much the same explanation as science).

Getting MS is kind of like falling in love.

First you’re like oh, this feels weird.

And then you’re in denial for a really long time and you keep saying “oh, it doesn’t matter.”

But then when you think about it when you’re just by yourself at night you cry (and then you realize that it means something).

And from then on you’re either trying to make it work or escape.

I guess the difference is that MS doesn’t make you happy (unless, I guess, your doctor gives you enough Valium).