Behind the Iron Curtain by the Numbers

30 Hanukkah Candles

1 flashlight

3 Packs of Trail Mix

1 Box of Poptarts

1 Can Waterless Shampoo (as yet unopened) 

2 pairs of Gloves 

3 Knitting Projects

1 Self-filtering water bottle

2 Lighters

40 pairs hand-warmers

12 Great Friends AKA my a cappella group

1,000,000 fantastic Blackout quotes

1 Dream involving percentages

Roughly 30 hours spent in Sci Li

4 full days without power thus far

4 more days possibly

2 dorms evacuated

1 library open for 24-hour shelter

1 adventure, continuing on

Behind the Iron Curtain, Part 2

The Iron Curtain is still up, but now there are some holes. Mr. Roth, tear down your wall! Sci Li is lit up and a nice place to hang out, emails from professors are experiencing some weird formatting thing that makes them look like they’re supposed to be poems. 

Hw#6 is now due Monday, Nov 7.

The exam review session will be in class Monday, Nov 7

Exam#2 will be on Wed. Nov. 9

I will hold open office hours on Friday, Monday and

Tuesday, (Nov 4, 7,& 8) 12:30pm to 4pm.” 

Brilliant, right? 

Good Things About Today: 

1. WesFamily dinner at Summerfields

2. It’s Elizabeth’s birthday! 

3. My medication came! Someone tell Balto he doesn’t need to worry anymore…

4. Presents of food and handwarmers from my family 🙂 

5. Feeling nostalgic enough to listen to The Weepies and Paramore and Imogen Heap… is a good thing? 

6. Michael wants to be in this list. Michael is on this list! 

13. You have to switch 7 and 13 

8. 30 Hanukkah candles left if necessary

Hopefully we will have electricity at my house soon and I won’t have to make a “behind the iron curtain part 3”… 

Behind the Iron Curtain

or, a list of ways that Snowpocalypse is like Soviet Russia. By Soviet Russia, I mean the idea of Soviet Russia that I have inside my head. 

1. We have to wait in really long lines for food

2. Everyone looks really cold and is wearing coats

3. We’re all equally miserable

4. Food is pooled (on the floor, by candlelight, and then eaten) 

5. Elizabeth keeps speaking Russian

6. We have to hide things that are “illegal” (like the hanukkah candles we’re using for light) 

7. Communication is super limited

8. Medication is scarce! Call Balto! Jk that’s Alaska/a cartoon!

9. We get messages from the leader with really bad grammar and cryptic messages that thank us for “pulling together” 

10. Nothing is funny. Including this list. Sorry guys. 

Actually I’m having a ton of fun (despite the frozen toes) and I LOVE MY FRIENDS (hi friends! yay i have friends! yay!) and I’m glad we’re all together (right now. in Matt’s bedroom)