Live-blogging a dissection

Ew, why is there a guest prof discussing drosophila? 

Wait, why is our classroom suddenly full of drosophila? 

Why am I holding a container of drosophila larvae? 

Here, dude in front of me, why don’t you hold this larvae.

Ah, a slideshow, cool beans


Zoning out…. yay thanksgiving break starts in like 4 hours for me! 

I wonder what clothes I should pack….



LARVAE on the front screen

I mean, that’s kinda cool that you can hook up a microscope to a projector I guess.

You’re going to what? 

Please don’t do that? 

Yup, she just cut up a larva. 

Turning the dead drosophila larva inside out onto a forcep is bad enough but could you please not describe it as “like pulling on a sock” ?

This is disturbing. 

“I’ll just move that trachea aside” 

“What makes them sticky? I don’t know what on a molecular level makes them sticky…” 

Aren’t we all excited for thanksgiving dinner now? Right? 

Sometimes being pre-med is really kinda gross. 

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