Behind the Iron Curtain

or, a list of ways that Snowpocalypse is like Soviet Russia. By Soviet Russia, I mean the idea of Soviet Russia that I have inside my head. 

1. We have to wait in really long lines for food

2. Everyone looks really cold and is wearing coats

3. We’re all equally miserable

4. Food is pooled (on the floor, by candlelight, and then eaten) 

5. Elizabeth keeps speaking Russian

6. We have to hide things that are “illegal” (like the hanukkah candles we’re using for light) 

7. Communication is super limited

8. Medication is scarce! Call Balto! Jk that’s Alaska/a cartoon!

9. We get messages from the leader with really bad grammar and cryptic messages that thank us for “pulling together” 

10. Nothing is funny. Including this list. Sorry guys. 

Actually I’m having a ton of fun (despite the frozen toes) and I LOVE MY FRIENDS (hi friends! yay i have friends! yay!) and I’m glad we’re all together (right now. in Matt’s bedroom) 

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