Behind the Iron Curtain, Part 2

The Iron Curtain is still up, but now there are some holes. Mr. Roth, tear down your wall! Sci Li is lit up and a nice place to hang out, emails from professors are experiencing some weird formatting thing that makes them look like they’re supposed to be poems. 

Hw#6 is now due Monday, Nov 7.

The exam review session will be in class Monday, Nov 7

Exam#2 will be on Wed. Nov. 9

I will hold open office hours on Friday, Monday and

Tuesday, (Nov 4, 7,& 8) 12:30pm to 4pm.” 

Brilliant, right? 

Good Things About Today: 

1. WesFamily dinner at Summerfields

2. It’s Elizabeth’s birthday! 

3. My medication came! Someone tell Balto he doesn’t need to worry anymore…

4. Presents of food and handwarmers from my family 🙂 

5. Feeling nostalgic enough to listen to The Weepies and Paramore and Imogen Heap… is a good thing? 

6. Michael wants to be in this list. Michael is on this list! 

13. You have to switch 7 and 13 

8. 30 Hanukkah candles left if necessary

Hopefully we will have electricity at my house soon and I won’t have to make a “behind the iron curtain part 3”… 

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