Since I'm feeling so gosh-darn euphoric about this dot-com fantasticness

Graphic Design/Collage work from a couple years ago

Tricked Out Yo

Everyone’s always saying the dot-com bubble burst a long time ago, but that doesn’t stop everyone from wanting one! It turns out, for $25 a year, you can get yourself your very own dot com to call home… how cozy!

Enough mushy stuff, welcome to the new and improved SPINAL TAPPED. Sassy and under-read as usual, I’m here to spice up the lives of anyone who reads… yeah, hi Mom… If you’re new to the scene (hi, everyone except Mom), I’m:

1. 19.

2. One of 400,000 US citizens with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

3. A lover of lists

4. A college student!

5. Here to party. Just kidding.

If you have MS, if you love me, if you love someone who has MS, feel free to read when you feel like it, follow the blog, email me, or whatever you want 🙂 Nice to meet you!


La-di-da It’s Break Time

2 minutes left in my work shift

16 hours until my shuttle leaves campus

28 hours until my last train arrives in Harrisburg

28.75 hours until I’m in my house

2 brothers to hug

2-6 old friends that I’m excited to see

1 paper to write

3 exams to study for

1 day of MRIs in Baltimore

1 Thanksgiving dinner to eat

6 pets to cuddle

1 Thanksgiving break 🙂

Live-blogging a dissection

Ew, why is there a guest prof discussing drosophila? 

Wait, why is our classroom suddenly full of drosophila? 

Why am I holding a container of drosophila larvae? 

Here, dude in front of me, why don’t you hold this larvae.

Ah, a slideshow, cool beans


Zoning out…. yay thanksgiving break starts in like 4 hours for me! 

I wonder what clothes I should pack….



LARVAE on the front screen

I mean, that’s kinda cool that you can hook up a microscope to a projector I guess.

You’re going to what? 

Please don’t do that? 

Yup, she just cut up a larva. 

Turning the dead drosophila larva inside out onto a forcep is bad enough but could you please not describe it as “like pulling on a sock” ?

This is disturbing. 

“I’ll just move that trachea aside” 

“What makes them sticky? I don’t know what on a molecular level makes them sticky…” 

Aren’t we all excited for thanksgiving dinner now? Right? 

Sometimes being pre-med is really kinda gross. 

A Toast!

to new medication

to large guitars, formerly known as cellos

to cell phone pitch pipes

to fake thanksgiving dinners

to ex-roommates

to good sex ed teachers

to green tea

to toast, buttered please

Do you ever feel like…

…it’s 1989 in Berlin, Germany? No, probably not, but I do. Why? The Iron Curtain is falling! We are currently in a state of “partial power.” “Partial Power” is not a THING. It does not exist in the real world. Partial power means: 

The first floor has full power

The second floor has half power

The third floor has no power

The light in the bathroom works, but the bathroom outlets do not

The lights flicker and sometimes die

Our generator looks like it was a 3rd grader’s science fair project

NOT A THING. Dear CL&P (Connecticut Light & Power for those of you not affected by Snowpocalypse), please get your shit together.