Weekend Update…

…with someone less funny than Seth Meyers (me) and not on the weekend (it’s Wednesday). 

First I would like to shamelessly promote my mom’s new blog, you can see how cool my mom is at http://krhett.tumblr.com ! You have to assume she’s fantastic if even her 19 year old daughter says she’s cool. 

Second order of business: I got inspired by my mom (this blog post should really just be called MY MOM IS SO COOL ZOMG) and her super blogging ways to start blogging more! So hey everybody, prepare to get really tired of me. 

And thirdly: to any readers out there who know anyone under 28 with MS, please tell them to contact me! I’m trying to gather together young adults with MS to start some sort of national organization. 

Happy studying to my fellow stressed out college kids

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