Rhode Island Is…

….cold, and I love it! Hello sweaters, blankets, and drizzle. My damaged nerves are so happy! Too bad it’s only a day of bad weather, in a couple days it will be sunshiney again. But that’s okay because Rhode Island is also:

1. beautiful

2. blue and white and green

3. full of seafood

4. full of mansions to gawk at

5. a good place to play apples to apples with my family 🙂 

Shared Solutions Would Like to Discourage All Patients From….

….having any fun. 

Just kidding, ish. I got a brochure in the mail from them a while ago with their suggestions for summer. These include:

1. spend time in air conditioned places such as malls and movie theaters

2. wear their silly neck wrap thingy

3. take cold showers

4. drink a lot of water

5. do not move, exercise, or breathe too heavily

maybe that last one wasn’t real, but you get the point. If only I still had the brochure to share the full ridiculousness! Whatever, here’s my list of what I’ve been doing instead

1. I went to Charlotte, to check out my dad’s 10th anniversary gala for the MFA program he runs (pretty cool) 

2. I went to the Writing Through Trauma writing workshop at Hollins University run by Dan Mueller (shoutout to Trauma Group!) 

3. I hung around the house a lot

4. I went to the gym not as much as I hung around the house… but still enough

5. Went lots of other places: Providence, New Hampshire, New York City, Afton VA, the OBX, and Seattle (still a cult). 

6. Okay I did follow ONE of the summer guidelines: I saw a lot of movies. Bridesmaids was GREAT, Captain America was hilariously bad, Friends with Benefits and Horrible Bosses were just hilarious, X-Men First Class was quite good, and Green Lantern was… okay cut them some slack 😦 poor Ryan Reynolds. And the air conditioning was FANTASTIC

7. I started the no-carb diet! Day 4 today, and I miss cake…. but holding strong

8. I started a society6 account in a misguided attempt to make easy money! 

What’s up next? 

Spending some time in Gettysburg with my boyfriend next week, maybe heading down to DC for a day or two while he’s here. Then heading up to Rhode Island for a week with my family to chill 🙂 Then four or five days at home before back to college. Yay! It’s been a great summer, no thanks to mean old Shared Solutions.