Welcome to Camp Your-Own-House

Gee Little Miss Spinal Tapped, is it summer already? Did your semester already finish? Did your waitressing job fall through? Well, don’t feel bad, start earning badges!

Badges Earned Thus Far:

Heat Warrior: Must successfully install window air conditioner with help of mother. Challenge = do not drop air conditioner on your mother’s feet.

Princess of Ink: Teach yourself to replace printer ink cartridges.
Challenge = do not get used ink everywhere.

Training Wizard: Train your mother in the art of the Copaxone Injection. Challenge: make her laugh mid-injection.

Gym Hero: Convince yourself to go to the gym on occasion. Challenge: actually work out while there.

Badges You Haven’t Yet Earned:

Best Sister Ever: Get your brothers to actually like you. Challenge: do not bribe with money or candy.

Revenge Master: Go to former high school and bitch out pre-calculus teacher regarding her lack of skills and horrible fashion sense. Challenge: do not burst into tears and/or laughter.

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