"MS needs a spokesmodel"

…. said my mother, today, after a particularly depressing meeting with a nurse. The nurse herself has MS, and I won’t be mean but let’s just say if you’re teaching other people about their health, maybe you should try to be healthy? 

But really, MS does need a spokesmodel. We can be the next breast cancer. (haha health humor, fun times). I think it needs to be shown that we’re not all old. For instance, the only MS meeting in my town is being held in a nursing home. What?? There have gotta be some other teens and younger adults out there looking for some support. 

Related: my parents and friends seem very surprised about my willingness to discuss my MS with people (often strangers…). But really, I’m not going to get the word out if I don’t make it personal. Nobody’s going to care about a cause until you put a face on it. And yeah it helps if that face is Christina Applegate, but really anyone young and vital would work, probably because it makes it seem more tragic.. Lucky me. 


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