BG-12 (Best name ever, right?)

What is BG-12?

Well, I’m not really sure either, but I can tell you that: 

1. it’s an oral MS med

2. it’s not Gilenya

3. I’m scared of Gilenya…

4. it’s about to go into phase 3 testing 

5. the testing will be vs my lovely med, Copaxone!

So, my current thing to ponder (and email my doctor about) is whether I should try to sign up to be a participant in the testing… I’m a little scared of getting a placebo and unknowingly being without treatment for months. That seems like a generally bad idea for me, although I know it would benefit the MS community etc etc yada yada… but okay being off treatment is scary! 

If you (yes YOU, if you exist) know anything about BG-12 or have any thoughts to share… go ahead and do that 🙂 

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