Lists are So Easy :)

Since I’ve been failing lately at blogging, I thought I’d get back into it by doing something I’m VERY GOOD at: making lists. Today’s list:

Thing to Do instead of Considering the Fact that You (yes, YOU) Have a Lifelong Disease (Fun Times)

1. Eat cotton candy ice cream (for ye wes students, there’s cotton candy ice cream at usdan today!) 

2. Clean your room (ha.) 

3. Ponder the meaning of life

4. Study

5. Paint your nails 

6. Hug your roommate 🙂 

7. Read the paper

8. Okay, fine, just read the Sunday Styles section of the NYT online

9. Think about why the goddamn NYT is no longer free online 

10. Sing!

11. Make to-do lists

12. Read all interesting CNN articles plus some random fashion blogs

13. Avoid your schoolwork a little more, why don’t you…

14. Call your mom

15. Check your mailbox

16. Think of something evil to do to your little brothers (watch out, hehehe) 

17. Make a new playlist 

18. Make your own waffles at brunch

19. Write some sketch comedy 

20. And realize you need to do your copaxone injection soon, rendering the above list slightly useless…. oh well

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