Cade Leebron, a recent graduate of Wesleyan University, is now earning her MFA in nonfiction at The Ohio State University, where she serves as associate nonfiction editor for The Journal. Her work (nonfiction, poetry & photography) has appeared or is forthcoming in Brevity, The Boiler, Inside Higher Ed, HYSTERIA, Yemassee Journal, Midway Journal, The Manifest-Station, The James Franco Review and Qu: A Contemporary Literary Journal. Typically, her writing is about cheerful things like multiple sclerosis / disability and campus rape. She is the recipient of the Helen Earnhart Harley Creative Writing Fellowship in Nonfiction and the Haidee Forsyth Burkhardt Award. She is originally from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


photo by Raena Shirali

One thought on “About

  1. hey cade! barak just sent me a link to your blog. i love it. nice to catch up on you. sorry to hear about the ms, but sounds like your embracing it…good for you! if you make it to s.f. this year, you have a place to stay.

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